Paper Mache Pop Art Painting | Acrylic Painting Art Ideas on Canvas

Watch me paint a pop-art inspired painting on paper mache with acrylic!
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18″x 24″ Canvas
Titanium White
Primary Yellow

Phtalocyanine blue

Mars Black

(SKIN TONE COLOR) Unbleached Titanium
Liquitex Basic Set of 5

3/4″ Flat Wash
#10 Filbert

#10 Shader

#3 Detail Round

#0 Detail Round

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Paper Mache (or Papier Mache) is one art idea I have been wanting to play with lately! And since I got an art exhibit coming soon, I figured I would kick this pop art painting up a notch!

I am a huge fan of pop art and I want more edge this time. I decided to add paper mache techniques onto canvas, and then actually paint a dramatic visual of a woman on top of the papier mache background.

I am so incredibly blown away by this acrylic painting, and it certainly has sparked a TON of art ideas for future works! I think I might do some more!

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