Hi, I’m the Buzzed Artist, but you can call me Amanda.

Before I ever started filming and teaching others how to draw and paint online, I was a girl in a boring office job with no creative outlet to speak of.

I had trouble expressing myself emotionally.

Constantly searching, praying, hoping I would find a creative spark in my life.

Even though I loved drawing and art more than life itself, I believed in the negative voices – and kept my talents hidden and stashed away, never to see the light of day.

A Drop of Courage and a Dream…

Painting, drawing, and creating art was always a beautiful escape for me. It was my place to just be without fear of judgement or the need to always be perfect.

But, I bitterly believed it was a path I never deserved.

I had a creative edge in my work. People admired me for it and labeled me “that creative chick”.

But as I would skillfully edit powerpoint slides, I kept getting that sinking feeling that I was wasting my creative energy on stuff that didn’t really matter all that much to me.

And then one day… I snapped.

After constant bouts of unhappiness, depression, and general “going crazy” syndrome, I decided to try art as a career.

Was I nervous? Uncertain I could even make it? Ready to hurl all over my desk as I prepared to give my boss my 2 weeks notice? You bet!

Walking away from a full-time, high-paying engineering job was probably one hardest things I ever did in my life, and it was the first step towards embracing my true creative life.

Upon arriving home, I started a Youtube channel, the Buzzed Artist, to help sharpen my skills and dust off the art supplies.

I discovered that building my art skills and being an artist was actually possible!

In under a year, my channel would grow into an interactive, engaging platform where artists and creatives could come together and let go of their fears and anxieties towards expressing their creativity, and instead, have fun with their art.

I was by NO MEANS an expert.

But, I was helping others and absolutely loving their transformation stories.

and just like that…..I became an artist!

If there is one thing I have learned from my entire roller-coaster experience on discovering my potential, there is no better time to start than NOW.

like seriously.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not when you have “time”. Now!

Are you ready to express yourself and unleash your creative side to make art you will absolutely love and be proud of?

On my channel and this blog, I do step-by-step art tutorials, courses, crazy, zany painting and drawing challenges to CHALLENGE YOU to let go of your creative anxieties and just make art!

and by reading this far, I know you are committed, ready to do the work to go the distance with your creative abilities. You simply need to start.

I believe in you because I have the courage to believe in myself and my art abilities!

Ready to take your big stand and unleash your inner artist?

Start by diving into one of my custom-curated collections





Got Questions?

If you want to reach out for feedback, questions, or anything in-between, be sure to email me at amanda(@)thebuzzedartist(.)com. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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