All the Tools You Need to Get Started Right with Acrylic Paint


Want to learn all the basics of acrylic painting? Take this class.


All the Tools you Need for Creating Gorgeous Pop Art

I’m so glad you’re here, my darling Queen Bee!

I’m Amanda, the Buzzed Artist, and I believe tickling your canvas with acrylics can be both fun and rewarding when:

You’re creating soul-singing colorful paintings while loving on yourself (and drop-kicking your inner troll dream crusher) in the process. 

I have helped thousands overcome their fear of painting on both my Youtube channel and this blog, with step-by-step art tutorials, pop art courses,  crazy, zany painting challenges that CHALLENGE YOU to let go of your nail-biting anxieties and just make art!

I believe in you because I had the courage to believe in myself and my art abilities! You can do it too.

Oh wow!

Oh wow! You are so talented! The newspaper in the back was an excellent idea! Loved your sketch! Keep it up!!
Sam B.

Overcoming my fears

After I completed each lesson, I couldn’t wait to start the next one. Amanda is always encouraging and gentle with her suggestions, yet sincere. Not only did I overcome my hesitation about learning how to paint with acrylics, I also overcame my fear of “What if I screw this up?”.
Shanz S.

It’s really fun to watch you make paintings!

This was my first tutorial i watched and the first painting i did and thank you so much Amanda for this channel. It’s really fun to watch you make paintings and learn from you! lots of love x

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