Best Equipment for Making Binge-Worthy Art Youtube Videos

Create bingeable art youtube videos using these inexpensive (or free) tools

best equipment for filming and creating youtube art videos

I have been creating art tutorials and creative videos on Youtube for over 2 years at this point, and one of the most common questions I get is what equipment I use to film and edit my youtube videos.

of course, I am only referring to equipment for making your youtube videos come to life. If you are interested in learning more about getting started with Youtube as an artist, check out How to start a successful art channel on Youtube.

And contrary to popular belief, getting the right kind of equipment to shoot my art youtube videos isn’t really all that expensive; in fact, you can start with a very small budget and be well on your way.

So, here is my list of the best equipment you can use for filming your Youtube art videos.

Some links included are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! If you do purchase through me, you have my sincere and heartfelt thanks! Hope you enjoy these products as much as I did!

1. Cameras

When I say equipment, you probably think about a camera. And before we go any further or you desperately decry how broke you are and cannot afford a nice camera, let me lay some truth for you.

When it comes to using a camera for my videos, I keep it as cheap as they come….I use my camera phone – more specifically, I use my husband’s old janky iphone 6 camera. That’s it.

You don’t need a fancy camera to become a Youtuber.

In fact, you can see tons of videos on this subject alone, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that many Youtubers started out with just a humble phone camera that helped them get recognized.

So, my point is….save your money, you don’t have to buy a new camera just yet. Simply use your phone!

If however you got a good budget for spending on a camera, I would suggest investing in a camera that can film for extended periods of time (this is super important especially for us artists that like to work without having to constantly stop filming and uploading files!).

For your reference, here are some famous art Youtuber’s camera selections:

2. Proper Lighting

Now, if I had to recommend one item for filming that every person MUST have, I would recommend good lighting.

And here’s why.

Anything you shoot with excellent lighting gets picked up really well with your camera, gives your work that extra look of professionalism, and takes out any unwanted shadows that may show up on your work.

…and we being the visual Queen Bees that we are – good image is EVERYTHING!

The one thing you want to look out for in lighting is “soft-lighting”, which can help reduce shadows without creating additional shadows; plus your subject will appear more aesthetically pleasing to the eye – which is what our business is all about, yeah?

How do you get GREAT lighting?

If you want to get super basic, be sure to film by a window and have another source of light (like a lamp) on the other side to reduce as much shadows as possible. This of course limits you to filming during certain times of the day with optimal weather (rainy days are not going to give you great natural lighting!)

A better, more consistent option is to get a softbox lighting kit and shoot your videos in any room at any time of the day. I shoot in my basement because my condo has very little natural light that filters inside, so I had to make do and grab this kit. I did notice a big difference in my video quality, especially with the removal of harsh shadows!

If you have a smaller space or want to minimize the amount of lighting equipment you have, a ring light is another perfect solution. And what is so cool about ring lights is that it can also function as a tripod for your camera.

A very popular ring light kit used by many Youtubers is from the brand Neewer, featuring a light stand, adjustable camera adaptors for phones or cameras, and a carrying bag to hold all those goodies inside.

3. Filming Tripod

I always recommend a tripod or a stand that can hold your camera (or camera phone in our case). You want to look for a tripod that is adjustable, can help you get multiple angles for your artwork, and has the capability to switch adaptors to accomodate various types of cameras (a phone vs a Nikon camera).

I personally use the Akron Pro Phone stand, which if you have ever watched a Tasty video where they shoot from above, you can get some really amazing DIY shots, and I love it. Stand itself is adjustable, allowing for closeup shots and the stand arm can be angled or shortened by removing any or all lever arms depending on your filming needs. It’s pretty awesome.

4. Microphone

Something I wholeheartedly believe makes for great quality vidoes is great lighting and awesome audio. In the past, I did just use my camera phone’s audio to record all my videos, which was decent, but always managed to pick up background noises and made my voice sound far away at times.

I then invested in a separate microphone and finally understand what sound engineers are always raving about. Currently, I use a USB microphone to film all my voice-over tutorials, and the best part of it all, the audio gets automatically recorded into my video editing software.

I did do quite a bit of research when looking for a decent affordable microphone and found that the Samson Q2U Handheld USB Microphone was a perfect option for me.

It captures sound from in front of the microphone and less from the sides and rear and reduces “P” and “B” sound pops while recording. I never realized how “poppy” my words were until I got this mic and noticed a big difference in quality. Plus, this microphone can be easily connected to my computer and I can start recording right away.

5. Editing Software 

This is kinda the same idea as cameras. You don’t need to go super crazy with editing software at the beginning.

So, depending on what type of computer you have, you can always start with the free basic editing softwares. If you have a Mac, use iMovie, which already comes pre-installed; if you are a Windows user, use Windows Movie Maker. Both are free, easy to use, and can help you start your blooming art career.

Whether you plan to get all these items or not, always be sure to consider your budget. You don’t need thousands of dollars to be a successful Youtube artist; you just need to invest in the right equipment to give your videos the best chance of capturing your gorgeous talent.

What did you think of my equipment list? What else would you add? Comment and share below!

Until we art again,


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