If you’re totally new at pop art, can’t figure out how to scale your drawing without hours of rework, or your art looks more like a drunk cartoon character, keep scrolling….

Pop Me Up

Ok, imma be straight with you, my flustered pop artist-in-training.
If I took a peek at your canvas real quick would I find:

  • Wonky disproportioned facial features making your subject look like they are begging for death?
  • you’ve bought every pen and marker under the sun but your pop art looks like Alice Cooper putting a crap-ton of eyeliner in the dark?
  • Or a blank, empty canvas sitting on your easel, collecting dust secretly judging you because you have ZERO idea where to even begin?

It’s not like you wanted any of that to happen.

You’ve followed all the Youtube tutorials, constantly pausing and squinting while your instructor nonchalantly makes gorgeous colorful pop art, while you anxiously stumble through…

Not to mention the hours spent trying to scale your drawing or reference picture to a size that fits your canvas….

or (gasp) just finishing the perfect sketch only to find out you need to redo it all over again but on canvas. 

Which is why you need an up-close and personal guide that will get you quickly making your own colorful pop art you’ll actually love…


Pop Me Up

Step-by-step video and printable instructions to help you take your picture and transform it into edgy colorful art that simply pops off the canvas, even if you suck at drawing or have little art experience.

Pop Me Up tutorials includes the following:

  • Turning a photo into pop art
  • Choosing colors that will make your work pop
  • Transfer your work from sketch to canvas in minutes
  • Inking basics to get amazing eye-catching shadows and details
  • Methods for inking dazzling hair textures and flow
  • A simple method to scale your reference or drawing to fit any size canvas
  • Develop your unique art style
  • Perfect techniques with the use of acrylic medium
  • Hands-on demo to follow along with as your learn

Plus, you’ll get 2 magical bonuses that’ll get you making beautiful pop art and not feel like you’re wasting perfectly good canvas:

BONUS 1: Mini step-by-step videos demonstrating how to scale and transfer a drawing and do amazing line work for facial features and hair.

BONUS 2: Deep dive into the world of color and how you can use it to make vibrant art you’ll totally want to hang up

And you can get access to all visual printable guides (plus the bonuses) for just $47 little dollars.

Imagine finally making pop art that gets your creativity flowing and your heart swelling with the pride.

Questions smart peeps ask before getting their login info:

Can’t I just find all this on Youtube?

You probably can, if you’re willing to sift through hours and hours of content, visualize all the techniques and somehow made your own guide doing so. But, as someone who once thought taking the free route was the best option, it took me the longest to learn and actually start making pop art – meaning years and years of investing time and energy. If you got that time, cool. If not, this guide will definitely help you get painting pop art NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next week or next year. Now. 

I’m a beginner. Do I need this?

Yes! Pop art is a style that requires creativity – and you totally got that. No drawing skills required. Just a can-do attitude. 

I don’t know how to draw. Can I do this?

Yup. Although I deep-dive into how to create expressive faces from scratch in my Pop Art that Wows course, Pop Me Up focuses less on drawing and more on techniques that are unique to the pop art style – from inking to scaling to color choices to make your art pop.

So, what exactly am I getting?

You are getting printable visual guides that you can use on hand and literally take anywhere with you. You’ll be able to see up-close inking techniques, scaling methods, and various time-saving, eye-catching tools. Plus, if you’re a visual learner, you’ll get my step-by-step video tutorials walking you through the major pop-art concepts. 

But what if Pop Me Up stinks?

Since I stand 100% behind this course  – this bad boy is a use it or don’t buy it type of program.

Ok, how do I access these guides?

ok, ok! I was waiting to tell you, but not only will you get my detailed guides, you will also get bonus mini-tutorials on various inking techniques (even for hair) so you can practice along with me. But to answer your original question this course is hosted on Teachable – which means after you go ahead and slap that buy button, you’ll get a confirmation email and immediate access to the course containing your guides and bonuses.

Is this a Skillshare Class too?

Yes, I also offer Pop Me Up as a Skillshare class, however this class offering gives you additional bonuses like a printable guide as well as lifetime access (whereas you need to pay a monthly/annual subscription with Skillshare). So, if you want to pay just a one-time fee (and get some sweet goodies to help improve your pop art game), this is the class for you.

So go ahead and slap that purple button, my creative Queen bee and make pop art you’ll actually love without the fear of wasting good canvas on another “bad” painting.