My Art Journey | Looking Through my Childhood Art Age 4-29


Drawing Books Mentioned in Video

Queen Bees! This week, we are taking a look at my childhood art drawings and see how my art journey was filled with lots of experimenting!

I have been meaning to make this video for quite some time…and the biggest reason is because I want to show you that not everyone is born knowing how to draw/paint perfectly.

Everyone starts from level 0. And I am the perfect example, especially in my childhood art sketches.

My drawings are nowhere NEAR perfect. And I will go as far to say that they are not groundbreaking – but they were stepping stones for me.

How could I learn techniques and develop my own style if I didn’t trip, fall, smudge, blur, and basically every mistake in the book in my art?

We as artists need to embrace failure, and see every step in our art journey as a beautiful time of self-expression, development, and inner meditation. It is a time where mistakes are OK (encouraged in fact!) and whatever you make is perfect for you. I hope this is inspiration for you to pick up that pencil or that brush and just start.

Don’t let fear stop you from even starting! Nothing is sadder than wasted talent, Queen Bee. And here as your Buzzed Artist, I believe you deserve to make your voice heard. So go get ’em!

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