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Palette Knife Painting Tutorial | Aspen Tree Creation Techniques

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ok, I just gotta come out and say it…

I FREAKING LOVE palette knife painting!

the goopy paint globs…

pushing said globs around, feeling it’s buttery texture cave under my knife…..

seeing my paint colors swirling and mixing together into a harmonious symphony forming an image…….

It’s an immersive experience that plays with your senses of touch, and it’s something I recommend every creative to try at least once, ESPECIALLY if you want a break from the standard brushes.

In this step-by-step tutorial for beginners, we dive into palette knife painting techniques by making these aspen trees! And all we are using is just a palette knife and some acrylic paints. Let’s get to it!

palette knife painting tutorial techniques
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Palette Knife Painting Supplies You’ll Need

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