Christmas Snowman Painting Tutorial

The beginner’s step-by-step guide to painting a whimsical snowman using acrylic paint.

This Snowman Christmas painting is the perfect way to show the wonder and whimsy during this magical time of year.

So let’s grab some supplies and get to it.

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Christmas Snowman Acrylic Painting Supplies



Easy Christmas Snowman Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Step 1: Paint in the Background

Step 2: Paint in the Arms

Step 3: Paint in the Snowman’s Body

Step 4: Add the Carrot Nose

Step 5: Paint the Holly Leaf Tie

Step 6: Paint the Holly Leaf Highlight

Step 7: Paint the Holly Berries

Step 7: Paint the Snowman Face

Step 8: Paint the Rosy Cheeks

Step 9: Paint the Snow Flakes

Step 10: Add Highlights to the Holly Berries

Step 11: Step Back and Admire your Work, Queen

Christmas Snowman Painting Tutorial

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