Jack’s Christmas Ornament- Easy Painting Tutorial for Beginners

jack Skellington holding ornament acrylic painting tutorial

In this easy step-by-step painting tutorial, you’ll learn how to paint Jack Skellington holding a red Christmas ornament in his bony hand. If you’re a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, this painting is just the thing for you.

This acrylic painting tutorial is fun, easy, and just a great way to have fun with your paint.

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Jack’s Christmas Ornament Acrylic Supplies



Note: If you don’t have any green paint, simply mix equal parts blue and yellow to give you that perfect green to work with.

Jack’s Christmas Ornament Painting Steps

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to paint your very own painting of Jack Skellington holding a Christmas ornament.

4. Use stencil and trace onto background

Want Jack’s Ornament Stencil?

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Step 1: Paint the Background

With a flat wash brush, mix together green with a bit of white. Load it onto your brush and create a series of circular brush strokes starting from the center of the canvas and working its way to the edges.

I made sure to keep the very center of the circle more white – if you accidentally made it too green, simply load your brush with white paint and blend it in the center.

1. Painting in the background

Then, load your flat wash brush with black and continue the circular strokes around the outside edges of the canvas to create a cool vignette look. Be sure to use your black paint sparingly since it’s such a powerful pigment.

2. Add in the black to background

Using your rinsed flat wash brush, load with a bit of green and white again and blend the areas where the green and black meet up to help great a more gradual gradient.

Not sure how to blend? Follow these simple steps to blend like a pro.

3. Blend the background

Step 2: Trace in Jack’s hand and ornament

Using your Jack stencil, place and trace onto your canvas paper. If you need directions on how to do this, read this helpful post on transferring stencils to paper.

4. Use stencil and trace onto background
5. Fully traced stencil

Step 3: Paint in Jack’s hand, sleeve, and ornament

With a combination of filbert brush and detail round brush, start color blocking Jack’s hands, sleeve, and ornament. You can use any color of your choice, but I went with red for Jack’s sleeve and ornament, white for Jack’s hand and puffy sleeve cuff.

6. Color block in jack hand and ornament

Step 4: Outline & Line Work

Then using your detail round brush loaded with black or a fine tip marker, begin outlining the entirety of the painting from Jack’s sleeve and arm, different portions of his fingers, the ornament string, and the ornament itself.

I also took this opportunity to add a face that resembles Jack’s face onto the ornament itself. A totally cool touch, if I should say so myself.

Step 5: Final Details

Then using some detail round brush with white, add a few highlights to the ornament to give it that shiny look. From there, you are officially done with your painting! Hang it up on your wall or give it as a gift to a friend.

4. Use stencil and trace onto background

Want Jack’s Ornament Stencil?

If you want the stencil that goes along with this tutorial, just click here to get it.

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Jack’s Christmas Ornament- Easy Painting Tutorial for Beginners