11 Best Palettes for Acrylic Paint (That’ll Elevate Your Painting Experience)

best acrylic palettes for painting

The best palette options to level up your acrylic painting experience Every artist needs a working flat surface onto which they can grab acrylic paint with brushes, mix their colors, and test out colors before doing the final transfer onto canvas. This working surface is known as an artist’s palette. The most ideal palettes are … Read more

Melted Crayon Pop Art Tutorial

melted crayon art tutorial

An easy way to turn old crayons into a colorful work of pop art I am willing to bet the last time you even CONSIDERED using crayons was probably a few decades ago when you were a wee kindergartner getting jiggy with your Disney coloring book. So, I can understand it’s been a hot minute. … Read more

DIY Paper Mache Pop Art Easter Eggs

Create these adorable paper-mache Easter eggs (with a little inspiration from Alice in Wonderland) Queen Bees! It’s DIY Easter time! We are going to make Paper Mache Easter eggs and decorate them with awesome pop art designs – inspired by Alice in Wonderland! Yup, yup, Alice in Wonderland has been on my brain a lot … Read more