DIY Paper Mache Pop Art Easter Eggs

Create these adorable paper-mache Easter eggs (with a little inspiration from Alice in Wonderland)

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Queen Bees! It’s DIY Easter time! We are going to make Paper Mache Easter eggs and decorate them with awesome pop art designs – inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

Yup, yup, Alice in Wonderland has been on my brain a lot lately, and I thought this tutorial would be a fun way to pay homage to this great classic!

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Supplies Used

  • Newspaper
  • 1 TBS of modge podge/tacky glue mixed with 1 TBS of water
  • 3 Balloons
  • Sharpie Marker



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Paper Mache Egg Instructions

Begin by blowing up your balloons to your size preference. I didn’t blow them up too big because I wanted eggs that were on the smaller side, but you can decide to go as big as you like. Tie up with balloon.

Then tear newspapers up into strips. The smaller, thinner the strips, the better! The thing with spherical shapes is that they are a CHALLENGE when applying rectangular strips to them! So, making the pieces 1″ thick and short helped create a smoother surface and stuck to the balloons quite nicely.

propped on a glass jar for optimal paper-mache tom-foolery!

Dip your strips into the glue mixture, wipe off the excess, and add them to your balloon. I propped my balloon on top of a glass jar so I didn’t have to hold it while handling the strips (which was a GOD SEND lemme tell you!). I added the strips in a criss-cross pattern, so as to avoid holes and create strong, durable layers. I also left a small patch untouched at the balloon knot side to handle later.

Leave the knot side of the balloon untouched for popping later!

Once you have layered your balloon (recommended is about 2-3 layers), leave to dry for 3-4 hours.

Once dry, proceed to pop the balloon at the knot side (which should still be a bit exposed). Then, proceed to take the balloon out of the egg. Take your time with this, and use your finger or pencil to gently pull the balloon from the inside walls of the egg and out the opening.

the empty egg carcass

Then proceed to cover the egg hole with more newspaper strips. Follow the same procedure with applying newspaper strips – aka, criss-cross pattern! Leave to dry for 3 hours.

covering up the hole with more newspaper!

Once your newspaper layers are dry, it is now time to prime your eggs! I use titanium white acrylic paint, but you can choose to use gesso or if you want to keep the newspaper background, pure modge-podge will do just fine!

priming the heck outta those eggs!

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Once primed and dried, you can now paint your egg any style you like! Add bright acrylic colors for added pop effect and cool fun characters!


What did you think of this tutorial? Comment and let me know!

DIY Paper Mache Pop Art Easter Eggs