30 Easy & Fun Fall Canvas Painting Ideas You’ll Love

There is just something about the fall that gets me in the mood to create with paint. I love painting landscapes and autumnal scenes, using both bright, bold and subdued colors because it screams “FALL!”. Plus, creating something entirely on your own is so much fun and a great way to make wall art you’ll be proud to hang up or a gift idea.

Personally, handmade pieces are a total win-win in my book.

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There are so many fun and easy fall painting ideas for beginners that there’s no excuse for not giving it a shot. I’ve gathered some of the best fall painting step tutorials on the ‘net just for you. Just pick one you like, paint away, and hang them up on those blank walls.

Disclaimer: some links used in this post are affiliate links, which means I’ll earn a small commission if you purchase using my links at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products I think will be helpful to you and bring you one step closer to creating beautiful acrylic masterpieces!

What Do I Need to Start Painting on Canvas?

First things first, to begin your canvas painting journey, you’ll need a step-by-step tutorial and the following supply list:

  • Paints: Oil and acrylic paint are best on canvas, but if you’re a beginner or strapped for time, acrylic paint is the way to go. But if you want to follow these easy canvas paintings using oil paints, that is totally fine too.
  • Paintbrushes: Beginners would benefit from having a collection of a few brushes, which will help you try different brush strokes without blowing your entire budget.
  • Canvases: Canvases come in many shapes and sizes, but my recommendation is to use a basic cotton, pre-gessoed blank canvas.
  • Palette: Pick a painter’s palette or a plate to create a paint mixing surface.
  • Smock: If you don’t like paint getting on your favorite shirt, be sure to grab a smock or old t-shirt.

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A Note on Paint Colors: anything fall-related is perfect, especially burnt umber, brown paint, black paint, reds, yellows, and oranges is perfect. However, different colors like blues and greens is a great idea for making your fall-themed paintings pop even more. The color selection is totally up to you.

Fall Canvas Painting Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

1. Autumn Forest Painting

One of the prettiest experiences of the fall is walking under the colorful trees watching the leaves fall. This painting tutorial is a great way to dive into the autumnal magic, with a line of trees, red and yellow leaves, with a pathway.

2. Boho Pumpkin Painting

I freaking love pumpkins (who doesn’t?!), so painting them on canvas is a must. This pumpkin painting has a chic aesthetic and is one of the more easy painting ideas to try. Just choose your preferred colors and away you go.

3. White & Orange Fall Pumpkin Patch

Want a chic version of the pumpkin patch? This painting canvas idea walks you through how to create more subdued tones of whites and blues, with one orange pumpkin in the middle.

4. Fall Sunflower Painting

One of my favorite fall visitors is the sunflower – bright and brimming with colors of orange, yellows, and browns. This painting provides step instructions on how to capture this autumnal treasure.

5. Black Cat Painting

black cat acrylic painting tutorial

Fall and black cats totally go together. This adorable painting features a black cat wearing a witch hat against the glow of the full moon in the night sky.

6. Aspen Tree Palette Knife Painting

I love the colors of aspen trees and combined with the impasto, large strokes feel of palette knives, you got yourself a gorgeous abstract textured painting. This is quite a different technique to play with paint!

7. Fall Truck Painting

There is just something so nostalgic about a truck in the fall weather – this DIY canvas art idea is perfect for a living room or dining room especially with how welcoming it feels.

8. Witch’s Shoes Painting

witch shoes acrylic painting tutorial for beginners

Love a little whimsy? These witch shoes painting is a great way to play with lines and colors. You got a witch skirt, shoes with buckles, and striped socks – and you can switch out any color you want!

9. Wicked Witch on a Broom Painting

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a wicked witch making her appearance. This bodacious witch has a sly smile while sitting on a broom and holding a pumpkin.

10. Wicked Witch and Spider Painting

wicked witch acrylic painting tutorial

This gorgeous wicked witch painting has got a special flair with her long wavy hair, featuring a deliciously droopy witch hat and a friendly spider against a spooky moon background.

11. Scarecrow & Pumpkins Painting

The harbinger of the harvest, the scarecrow is perfect for bringing those welcoming colors of fall into your paintings.

12. Dark Academia Wicked Spell Book Decor

You can literally turn your canvas into a spell book – with just a little hot glue and acrylic paint. The best part of all: it’s surprisingly easy to make with a very cool finished result. See how in this step-by-step post!

13. Fall Leaves & Pumpkins

It wouldn’t be autumn without the gorgeous colors of the falling leaves – which has lots of yellows, reds, oranges, and browns (and even some dark purples!). This tutorial shows you how to capture the rustic glory of fall leaves, with a pumpkin and wood background.

14. Fall Scarecrow in HayField Painting

scarecrow acrylic painting tutorial

This painting features a scarecrow silhouette in a corn field against a gorgeous magenta, yellow, and orange sunset background. A great way to dive into the nostalgic fun of fall and harvest.

15. Jack-o-Lantern Painting

This jack-o-lantern canvas painting features a cute face with a toothy smile AND some 3D textures like pumpkin stem and vines made from twine and popsicle sticks.

16. Poe’s Raven Painting

Are you a fan of Edgar Allen Poe? This Raven acrylic painting features a black raven against a blended background with the famous excerpt from “The Raven”.

17. Candy Apple Painting

Ah, the smell of kettle corn and fresh candy apples wafting through the autumn air is a fond memory – and this painting captures the ooey-gooey fun of this popular treat.

18. Fall Sunset Painting

Normally, sunset paintings take place on a beach in the summer. But, with all those gorgeous colors, it’s totally perfect for a fall-themed backdrop.

19. Folk Art Ghost Painting

If you love the vintage style & folk art flair, this spooky fun DIY ghost is just waiting to greet your Halloween guests.

20. Fall Sunset Painting

If you’re a fan of Dracula, these paintings are a great way to capture the great hooded, blood-loving, bat-turning dude.

21. Bride of Frankenstein Painting

If you love the more pop inspired type of art, this Bride of Frankenstein painting is a great creative way to give a modern edge to this horror classic.

22. Skeleton Tree Painting

Skeleton Tree Acrylic Painting Class optical illusion

I’m all about illusions, so when I created this skeleton tree painting, I was over the moon excited. Set against a fall sunset sky backdrop, a pale moon and windy old tree create the illusion of a skull.

23. Church on Haunted Hill Painting

Church on Haunted Hill Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Haunted churches are the bread and butter of Halloween – so why not paint one on canvas? This scene features a pumpkin patch and windy trees with a haunted house tucked in the background waiting for its next visitor.

24. Haunted House With Pumpkin Patch Painting

haunted house pumpkin patch fall canvas painting

Do you love spooky haunted houses? Jack-o-lantern pumpkins eerily smiling in the night? This acrylic painting is a wonderful snapshot of pure Halloween fun.

25. Spooktacular Wrecked Ring Pour Painting

If you’re looking for a more abstract painting feel, acrylic pours are a great way to do just that. This Halloween pour uses black, orange, yellow, and reds to create a beautifully abstract painting.

26. Halloween Pearl Pour Painting

This Halloween pearl pour painting features the gorgeous colors of the season and it’s an easy painting idea that creates a gorgeous result.

27. Halloween Pumpkin House Spray Paint Art

If you’re really into spray painting, this jack-o-lantern pumpkin house is a beautifully textured yet doable challenge.

28. Spooky Castle Halloween Spray Paint Art

Utilize spray paint to create a spooky castle and graveyard with lots of depth, layers, and gorgeous texture.

29. Grim Reaper Painting

grim reaper acrylic painting tutorial

The Grim reaper has made a visit to your painting journey- this painting features a ghostly reaper wearing a flowey robe and holding a long scythe.

30. Modern Pumpkin Patch

If you prefer a more minimalist, modern looking pumpkins, this acrylic painting tutorial is just the thing. These cute pumpkin shapes feature a few colors and a sharpie for a clean result.

31. Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin

This adorable jack-o-lantern pumpkin painting decor project is the perfect craft for beginners and Halloween lovers alike!

Concluding Thoughts on Fall Canvas Painting Ideas

So whether you’re using a brush or pouring tons of paint through a strainer, there are many different ways to make an amazing art piece that will adorn your walls this fall season and make you feel completely proud of your artistic skills as a painter.

And I hope this encourages you to find more easy ideas for painting tutorials to follow – the world is your oyster. So hop on that creative train and paint away.

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fall canvas painting ideas
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